Balancing Network Optimization & Security

With the mobilization of modern workloads moving between on-premise, hosted and public cloud resources, a growing challenge is emerging in wide-area networks to ensure secure, ‘LAN-like’ performance wherever the user and workload may be. SD-WAN provides the necessary smarts to achieve this over a combination of public and private wide-area links, but traditional security measures have proven difficult to adapt to SD-WAN and may not provide the necessary flexibility. Dell EMC offers a set of next-generation access/SD-WAN solutions that allow customers to mix and match software options with our industry-leading hardware platforms. Including Palo Alto Networks as part of your solution allows for secure access across your wide-area infrastructure.

Join us to learn how the Dell EMC Virtual Edge Platform (VEP) family plus the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next Generation Firewall and GlobalProtect cloud service help you securely leverage the benefits of SD-WAN.

  • Dell EMC’s Open Networking philosophy allows customers to mix and match software options with industry-leading hardware platforms.
  • The VEP family is powered by the latest Intel® technologies and designed to have the look and feel and the serviceability of traditional networking platforms
  • Production-ready solutions have been tested and validated with leading SD-WAN offerings (VeloCloud (VMware), Versa Networks)

We look forward to seeing you there!